Tree Pledge

While trees alone won't solve all the woes of living in a modern city, they go a long way to making a our community a more livable place.    Benefits of trees include reducing flooding, mitigating urban heat during the summer, counteracting air and water pollution, improving human health factors, and making our community a more beautiful place to live. 

Will you take our Tree Pledge to protect trees in our community?   Learn more ...

Friends of Indian River Education Scholarship

The Friends of Indian River is sponsoring a $500 Education Scholarship for a current Indian River High School senior who will be a college freshman next year.  The scholarship will recognize a senior who excels in leadership, citizenship, extracurricular activities and academics.  All completed applications must be returned to the IRHS Scholarship Coordinator and then given to the Indian River High School Awards Committee for final selection of the recipient.   Learn more....

Chesapeake Master Gardener/Tidewater Master Naturalist

The Friends of Indian River will reimburse half of the tuition (up to $65) for any of our members in good standing who complete either the Chesapeake Master Gardener Intern Program or the Tidewater Master Naturalist Basic Training during the 2021-2022 period; and complete the required service hours of those programs to become certified by the end of 2022.  Members must notify the Friends of Indian River when they start their Internship or Basic Training.  Those who complete all these requirements may then submit documentation of
1) payment for the class (receipt or similar)
2) completion of the Intern Training  or Basic Training Class
3) completion of the required service hours to earn your Certification.
to request this reimbursement from the Friends of Indian River.  Reimbursement is only available while funding lasts; current budget is for 3 participants ($200) during this period.   Reimbursement requests must be submitted by January 31st of year following certification. Acceptance into the Master Gardener or Master Naturalist program is governed by their own selection procedure; the Friends of Indian River have no input on that process.  Contact us at for more info.

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