Business Beautification Program


The objective of the Friends of Indian River Business Beautification Program is to beautify our community, promote attractive streetscapes that encourage increased patronage of local businesses, energize local business development, and ultimately provide local residents with more and better choices for shopping, entertainment, and services.    Our “Main Street”, Indian River Road, was largely developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s and lacks landscaping over much of its length. 

One program that we have implemented is installing planters at local businesses to enhance to the visual appeal of the street and break up areas of hardscaping.  An extended goal is to get other businesses to adopt similar strategies and slowly green the length of the roadway.    As part of this program, the Friends of Indian River can provide a limited number of planters and plants to place in front of local businesses.

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

1. Business must be located in Chesapeake along Indian River Road between the Oaklette Bridge and MacDonald Avenue, or along Sparrow Road between Nautilus Avenue and Fontana Avenue.
2. Business shall agree to water the plants as required and contact the Friends of Indian River to report any issues or problems with the planters.
3. Business shall not have any known violations of city zoning ordinances.
4. Business must agree to insure that the flower pot is in a space that will allow for safe pedestrian traffic.

Selection Criteria

If more businesses are interested in participating in the program than we currently have resources to support, selection of locations for the flower pots or other business beautification items will be scored on the following criteria:
1. Proximity to the intersection of Indian River Road and Sparrow, the epicenter of our business district (25 points)
2. Visibility of the location for the business beautification from Indian River Road (25 points)
3. Need for landscaping at the site; sites that are predominantly hardscaped will be scored has having a higher need (25 points)
4. Successful participation in the program in previous years.  (25 points)

Businesses wishing to participate in the program by covering the cost of flower pots and other business beautification items at their site are greatly encourage and will be recognized for their support.  But please note that contributions up to the cost of those items at placed at one’s own business would not be considered tax deductible.

Selection for sites in the coming year will be made by July 1st.  If you are interested in participating in the program please contact

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