Help improve Our Neighborhood.   Whether you are looking for community-service opportunities, an avid gardener, someone who can help with special skills or trades, a resident who just wants to help out, a social web enthusiast, or anything in between - you can help make things better in the Indian River neighborhoods and we would love to have your help in our organization.

To volunteer or for more info, contact info@friendsofindianriver.org.

On-going Projects
  • Adopt a Garden - help maintain gardens at Indian River Park and around Indian River Bridge
  • Anti-Litter Team - support area cleanups including Adopt a Road, Great American Cleanup, Clean the Bay Day, and the International Coastal Cleanup 
  • River Star Homes - sign up for the Elizabeth River Project River Star Homes program and take 7 simple steps to improve our environment
  • River-friendly Gardening - learn about and adopt River friendly gardening techniques
  • Nature Trail Patrol - help maintain the nature trails at Indian River Park
  • RIP (Remove Invasive Plants) -  remove English Ivy and other invasive plants in Indian River Park and elsewhere around the neighborhood
  • Tidewater Master Naturalist Education (E-22) or Stewardship (S-29) project work 
  • Storm Drain Marking - affix medallions on area storm drains reminding folks that everything n our streets drains to our river
  • Oyster Restoration and Living Shoreline Restoration - live along the river?   Find out how you can help start a restoration project along your shore.
  • Outreach Committee - help spread the word to residents and businesses
  • Civic League Liaison - we are looking for folks to liaison between the Friends and local civic leagues including Norfolk Highlands, Georgetown, and Campostella/Plymouth Park
  • Specialized skills -  occasional  pro-bono services in areas including legal advice, real estate, urban planning, grant-writing, and accounting.
  • Insert Your Project Here! - have an idea to improve the quality of life in our community? Contact us and let's see how the Friends can help.
Special Projects
  • Eagles Scout or Gold Award projects
    • Some project ideas: Construct an observation deck overlooking the creek behind the Rokeby Senior Center; create an nature guide App for Indian River Park; direction trail posts in Indian River Park
  • CBF VoiCeS projects
  • Mapping natural resources and threats along the Indian River and in Indian River Park
  • Community Garden - Study Phase
  • Community Market - Study Phase
  • Food Forest - Study Phase
  • Canoe/Kayak Launch Site - Study Phase
  • Natural Shoreline Restoration - Study Phase
Additional Opportunities in our area
  • Indian River Park Trail Maintenance with the Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association
  • Oyster Gardening with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Note: No participant may partake of, possess,  manufacture, or distribute alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while involved in any project activity.   Any participant violating this will be barred from project activities. (1)