Thursday, May 7, 2020

May Newsletter - Indian River Small Area Plan

In this month's issue, we have:
  • Indian River Park Small Area Plan Virtual Meeting 
  • Cancellations
  • Other News
    • Census 2020
    • Local Election on May 19; Absentee Ballot Information
    • Webinars

The Indian River Small Area Plan is going virtual to collect community input on the vision for our area's future.  From May 11 thru May 25, the Chesapeake Planning Department will be hosting a "virtual community meeting" online to get your feedback.  By visiting the website, you will be able to
  • listen to and view an audio-visual presentation about study
  • review information collected about existing conditions of the community, and 
  • provide input by 
    1. completing an online survey to indicate your top priorities, and 
    2. use an interactive map to identify and comment on specific spots in the community that you like/want to preserver and dislike/want to change and improve; this last tool is a good way to give detailed input.  (Use the "Add To The Map" link on the menu above the map to add markers and comments to the map).
This is an opportunity to provide input on issues and concerns impacting our area and suggestions on how to improve the quality of life in the community.  Getting broad community input is important in developing a plan that encompasses the needs of all area residents.   The website is live at

  • Friends of Indian River Monthly Meeting - May 21
  • Clean The Bay Day - June 2
We'll decide on the June meeting in June.

Census 2020

If you haven't yet filled out your Census survey, please do it now.  It only takes about 10 minutes online and it's very important that everyone gets counted. This head count determines our representation in Congress, helps to make sure we get a fair share of funding, and provides vital statistics used for all kinds of analysis and planning.

City of Chesapeake Election on May 19

Local elections for City Council and School Board have been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 19.  Due to the COVID-19 outbeak, everyone is eligible for absentee voting. You can request an absentee ballot online or by mail. See for details; the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot is Tuesday, May 12.

Here are some webinars and online resources which may be of interest
- May 13, 1 PM - Addressing Loss of Tree Cover in Urban Watersheds: The Importance of Local Codes and Policies
- Elizabeth River Project Virtual River School -

Now is a great time to become a member or renew your membership, or just make a donation online at