Tuesday, November 10, 2020

November Newsletter and Events

 In this month's issue, we have:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Indian River Small Area Plan Public Meeting, Mon 11/16
    • Virtual Monthly Meeting - Guest speaker, Council Member Don Carey - Thurs, 11/19
  • Other News
    • Indian River Park Adopt-A-Park
    • Chesapeake Master Gardener Training
    • Litter Prevention

Indian River Small Area Plan Public Meeting

Date: Monday, November 16, 6 pm
ion: Online, Register now at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYud-mppzouGt34FXdmPqnQFIhQaYixlMz-

The City will hold an online meeting on Monday, 11/16, at 6 pm, to review the recommendations from the Indian River Small Area Plan and collect feedback.  Register for the online meeting at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYud-mppzouGt34FXdmPqnQFIhQaYixlMz-

The City invites you to learn about the Indian River Planning Area Study process and share ideas about strategies and recommendations developed by the study team based on public input. The City is conducting its second Virtual Community Meeting (in-lieu of an in-person meeting) for the  Study on Monday, November 16th from 6-7:15pm. This meeting will include a brief presentation of the process and provide plan recommendations for discussion and feedback.

Monthly Meeting - City Council Member Don Carey
Date: Thursday, November 19, 7 pm
Location: Zoom Meeting, Pre-register

Our guest speaker is City Council Member Don Carey.  Mr. Carey, former NFL player, philanthropist, and author, was elected to the City Council this summer.  

We'll have updates on the Indian River Small Area Plan and have other community news.  

Please pre-register for the event to get the Zoom meeting URL.  https://forms.gle/MJ5J2tsZmYrF5E1R8

Other News

Thank you to the 11 volunteers who came out to the 
Adopt-A-Park @ Indian River Park in October.  The dedicated team cleared 10 bags full of weeds, mulched, did some pruning, and other tasks.   We even spotted 2 to 3 bald eagles (one may have been a repeat) fly overhead during the morning.

The Chesapeake Master Gardeners are holding an orientation session for the next training class, which starts in January.  Learn more about becoming a Chesapeake Master Gardner at https://www.cmgv.org/.  And please let us know if you sign up! 

We're not holding our usual Adopt-A-Road cleanup this month.  But we encourage you as individual to pick up any stray litter that you come across along our roads, parking lots, and in our parks.  Every piece of trash collected is one less that causes harm to wildlife in our natural areas and waterways.   And just as important, reduce your use of single use packaging to not create litter in the first place.  Take The Pledge to keep Virginia Litter Free at https://loversnotlitter.org/pledge/