Friday, September 20, 2013

Tree Proposal Along Indian River Road

The Friends of Indian River are working with the City to advance a plan to plant trees along the Indian River Road median and along the sidewalks of Indian River Road at Indian River Bridge. This area can be seen as a “gateway” from Norfolk  to Chesapeake.    Our proposal is to plant trees in the median and along the southern sidewalks of the Indian River Bridge between Oleander Avenue, Lilac Avenue and the river to obtain the following goals:
·         Add to the effectiveness of the riparian buffer to the Indian River
·         Increase the city tree canopy
·         Act as a calming effect to traffic which adds to pedestrian safety and pleasure when using walkways
·         Lessen city expense by supporting Adopt-A-Garden maintenance of tree buffer opposed to heavy grass mowing and sidewalk edging requirements by the city
·          Enhanced city stewardship to reduced storm water run-off into the Indian River
·         Add beauty to the area

The Indian River Bridge crosses the main tidal reach of the Indian River and is the main connection between the Oaklette, South Fairview and Plymouth Park neighborhoods with the Norfolk Highlands and Tanglewood neighborhoods.  The sidewalks along the bridge are used by pedestrians to walk, bike, or jog from one neighborhood to the other and to area services such as the post office, churches, laundry mat, eateries, food stores, restaurants.

The open space areas around the bridge can act as an important riparian buffer  along the waterways.   On the southeast side of the bridge, there is a large public/open space between Indian River Road and Oleander Avenue.  This area along the roadway has the potential to provide a useful riparian buffer - a vegetative filter - to the Indian River. 

The area around the Indian River Bridge was adopted by  the Friends of Indian River in 2012 and we've been practicing good stewardship of the four planters at the corners of the Bridge.  Working through the Adopt-A-Garden program we've performed regular volunteer clean-up efforts, conducted much needed pruning and care to existing crepe myrtle trees, and prepared and maintaining garden beds and plantings around the Bridge. 

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