Saturday, September 14, 2013

Indian River Cleanup

We had great weather and an energetic, if somewhat small, turnout for our cleanup along Indian River Road today.   Nine volunteers worked their way up and down Indian River Road.  Of those, five worked on the approaches to Indian River Bridge and the shoreline under the bridge as part of the International Coastal Cleanup.   All in all we collected twenty bags of trash - cigarette butts, food containers, beverage cans and bottles, grocery plastic bags, fishing lines, a variety of clothing items, and a bicycle tire.   All trash which is no longer messing up our community or polluting our river.

While its unfortunate to report that we collected twenty bags of trash, it is a significant improvement over our initial cleanups along the road and river last year, when we netted twenty bags and forty bags of trash at two separate cleanups.   Our total today is two-thirds less and we're getting done in half the time.

We extend a big thank you to all our volunteers who came out today.   We also hope more of you receiving this can make it out for our next cleanup on November 16th.   Remember, many hands make light work.

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