Friday, February 7, 2014

Elizabeth River Project expands efforts to Eastern Branch

Big news - the Elizabeth River Project is extending its restoration efforts along the Eastern Branch, including Indian River.  Representatives from the Friends of Indian River attended the first of several planning meeting yesterday to help set goals for the watershed-wide effort.   The need for improved water quality - and expanded public access to the river, shoreline, and parks - for fishing, nature viewing, paddling, and ultimately swimming were highlighted.    We'll be looking for ways to enable cooperative effort between Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, community groups, non-profits, business, schools, and individual citizens to make our river a better asset for our community.

Over 50 participants representing organization across the three surrounding cities attended the kick-off meeting.   Hundreds of ideas and suggestions were raised.  More meetings are planned and working groups are being set up to identify priorities for Education/Public Involvement, Wildlife Habitat, Water Quality, and Sediment Quality.   We'll keep you posted!

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