Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adopt-A-Road Cleanup

Thank you to the eleven volunteers who came out this morning to clean up along Indian River Road and under Indian River Bridge.   All in all, the volume of trash was lower than in past cleanups, which is an encouraging trend.   Still we collected 6 big bags of trash from under the bridge and another 9 bags along the roadway from MacDonald to Wingfield.    The team was proud of their accomplishment: all litter we collected is litter that no longer despoils our streets or is washed into our waterways.

By far, the item we collected in the greatest quantity were hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cigarette butts.   If you know a smoker, please remind them that cigarette butts are made with plastic fibers, are not biodegradable, and should never be tossed out their car window.

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