Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clean the Bay Day and Other News

Participating in the 25th Clean the Bay Day, the Friends of Indian River tackled the trails and river flood plain in Indian River Park today.   We wish to give a big Thank You to the 14 volunteers that fanned out across the park.   The team collected 18 bags of mostly bottles, cans and drink cups washed down river from the neighborhoods streets into the park.  We also collected an assortment of odd items - a huge piece of carpeting, a refrigerator door, a fluorescent light tube, and chair cushions.   Along the way we spotted or heard a variety of frogs, lizards, and birds along the stream.   After the cleanup, the group sat down for a well-deserved picnic at playground.

We also got an update on the plans to establish a nature trail in the park.   The Parks Department has responded positively to our proposal and is working on funding to upgrade the Rokeby entrance to park; we'll be getting more details in the next week.  We're tentatively setting our plans to get the trail signage and amenities installed this fall.   We'll keep everyone informed as things progress.    A big thank you to our trail team - Jayne, Ed, Carol, Linda, and Kenny - for working on the proposal and plans.

Our next meeting is a Thursday, June 13th, 7 PM, at the Oaklette United Methodist Church.   Mark Woodward of Chesapeake Planning Department will speak to us about the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.   There will be light refreshments and door prizes after the presentation.

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