Monday, February 4, 2013

More Ivy Removal on Saturday, Feb 9

The crew ready for action
Update:  We had another productive work session in Indian River Park this morning.  Six of us used the morning to clear English Ivy from the trees across another acre of the park.  That means dozens of trees that won't be smothered or host berry producing ivy.

Next Saturday, February 9th, at 9 am, we're going to have another volunteer event to tackle another area of ivy in the Park .   We'll be meeting at the park parking lot at Rokeby Ave. and Main St. (on the south side of Military Highway away from the firehouse).  Wear long pants, close-toed shoes, and bring work or gardening gloves. Bring pruning clippers, loppers, screwdrivers (which are amazingly useful in prying ivy off tree trunks) and/or pruning saws if you have them.     

I hope many of you had the chance to see the front page article about the Friends of Indian River in the Clipper on January 21st.   Covering our effort to halt the spread of invasive ivy in Indian River Park, the story also highlighted the general threats of this and other invasive plants.   A link to the article can be found at

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