Saturday, November 10, 2012

Indian River Road Cleanup

We did our quarterly cleanup along Indian River Road today.   We were a bit short handed with only six volunteers coming out today.   But the weather was lovely and we accomplished our designated route, picking up trash from Wingfield Avenue to MacDonald Road.  

We also took time to do some cleanup under the bridge which had a lot of trash and debris due to Hurricane Sandy - all that litter on the street was washed into the river.   Bottles, cans, wrappers, and an infinite number of pieces of broken styrofoam.   We couldn't get it all but we made a visible difference pulling out two stuffed bags of trash.

All together, we collected 10 big bags of trash, 2 gasoline containers, and 1 large tire thread.   It was noteworthy that the amount of litter we collected was less than half of what was found on our very first cleanup, so it seems to be getting better.   Hopefully we'll have more volunteers in our next cleanup, very tentatively scheduled for February 9th.   As they say, many hands make light work.

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