Saturday, June 30, 2012

River Star Homes

As part of our mission, the Friends of Indian River is encouraging residents of the our neighborhood to join the Elizabeth River Project's River Star Homes program. In this effort resident pledge to take "7 Easy Steps" to help improve the quality of our neighborhood, our river and the Chesapeake Bay.  

Your home does not need to be facing the river to participate!    Everyone's actions affect the cleanliness of the river and its ability to support fish, birds, and other wildlife.   And since your efforts start in your backyard, you are also creating a healthier environment for your family.    Every extra home that signs up brings us one step closer to the goal of vibrant community with a healthy environment.

By signing up for this free program, you will be recognized with a handsome yard flag and will receive additional information about things you can do to help. Sign up via the link below. If you do sign up, it would be great if you let the Friends of Indian River know too: drop us a line at

Learn more and sign up at the River Star Homes website:

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